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Ideas that set Dyson vacuums apart

Dyson cyclones capture more dirt and microscopic dust than any other cyclone

They’re so efficient that they capture particles as small as pollen, mould spores and even bacteria – particles that clog conventional vacuum cleaner bags and filters.

Кратко видео за циклона
Циклонна технология

Patented cyclone technology

There are other bagless vacuums that use cyclones. But inefficient cyclones allow dust to pass right through, onto the filter, clogging it and causing a loss of suction during use.

Dyson cyclones are more efficient than any other. They generate centrifugal forces of up to 313,000G, hurling dust and dirt from the airflow. Particles as small as 0.5 microns are flung straight into the clear bin.

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Бързодостъпна тръба за почистване нависоко

Instant release hose and wand – without fiddly parts to assemble

Our hose and wand release in one smooth action, making it easy to clean up high.

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Почистваща четка на изправени циклони

Self-adjusting cleaner head – for carpets and hard floors

There’s no need to turn awkward dials or press buttons. Dyson cleaner heads adjust automatically to every floor type – sealing in the suction.

Самонастройваща се почистваща четка
Технология на почистващата четка при изправени циклони

Active base plate

The cleaner heads on most upright vacuums need to be manually adjusted for different floor types. If this isn’t done, a gap is created between the cleaner head and the floor, and suction is lost.

The latest Dyson upright vacuums have an active base plate that self-adjusts across every floor type. It maintains close contact with the floor at all times, automatically raising and lowering. Suction isn’t wasted – it’s sealed in.

Фонов изглед на почистваща четка

Brush bars that can remove fine dust from hard floors – gently

In addition to having nylon bristles for carpet, our brush bars have a row of anti-static carbon fibre filaments. These remove the fine dust that gets stuck to hard floors.

Влакна от карбонови нишки при прави прахосмукачки Dyson

Conductive carbon fibre filaments

The brush bars of most vacuums only contain nylon bristles. While these loosen dirt from carpets, they’re less effective on hard floors, where fine dust can be left behind.

Dyson brush bars are different. They have a row of anti-static carbon fibre filaments, as well as nylon bristles. The filaments prevent the build up of the static charge that holds dust to the floor, allowing it to be sucked up into the vacuum.

По-добра Филтрация с Dyson Циклон

Expels cleaner air than any other

Dyson's upright and cylinder range is approved for allergy sufferers. Our vacuums have the highest efficiency cyclones and are engineered to be airtight.

Плесенови спори

Captures allergens

Other vacuums often have inefficient cyclones, which means that microscopic particles like mould spores and pollen make their way through to the filter. If the machine isn’t properly sealed, these allergens and other microscopic particles escape back into the home.

Dyson vacuums have the most efficient cyclones, and are engineered to be airtight. What goes into the vacuum goes into the clear bin – not back into the home.

Изправен цилиндър на топка завивайки

Rides on a ball – turns smoothly on the spot

There are no wheels, so there’s no awkward ‘back and forth’ manoeuvring required. Instead, our vacuums can be steered around furniture and into difficult places with a simple turn of the wrist.

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Ball™ technology – a dynamic turning circle

Fixed wheels are not designed to turn corners. But a ball can turn on the spot. As the ball’s axis is tilted, its turning circle tightens – allowing full and accurate steering control.

The vacuum’s key components have been engineered to fit inside the ball itself. This gives the machine a streamlined profile, allowing access to tight spaces and lowering its centre of gravity to make it lighter in the hand.

Асортимент от аксесоари

Additional tools for cleaning up top, down below and in-between

Dyson vacuums don’t just clean floors. A selection of tools can be easily attached to our machines for awkward cleaning jobs all around the home. Upholstery, blinds, lampshades, mattresses…

All Dyson upright vacuums have:

  • Dyson DC41 bin emptying

    Hygenic bin emptying

    Just push the button to release the dirt.

  • Два допълнителни аксесоара, стоящи на основите си

    Допълнителни приставки

    Всички прахосмукачки Dyson идват с разработени от Dyson приставки за почистване на труднодостъпни места из дома.

  • Група от филтри и части на други прахосмукачки.

    Без допълнителни разходи

    Изправените прахосмукачки на Dyson не използват торбички и имат доживотни миещи се филтри. Няма никакви допълнителни разходи.

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